Creating a work is like building a whole new world with different colors, atmospheres and characters. It has its own scent, light and sound. Many times I have thought that my need to create these environments resulted from not being content with the world as it is. I don't like gray buildings, concrete and the introverted colour pallet.


I like life to be like an opera, expressive and spectacular.


I know now that I like to play with all that is here. It's materials and creatures. I make work as an ode to life not as a critic. I am interested in the mystical and that which is not possible to put into words. In modern art beauty has lost it's importance and has become secondary to the concept. I am not so interested in that. 


I want to amaze. I want to celebrate. I want to get lost in aesthetics, be drowned in symbolism and fairy tales. I want to give you a moment, just not to think. 


As an Art Director for film and photo I found a great way to create settings commercially. For inquiries you can use the contact form. 













2020 48 hour film project Eindhoven, short film , Art direction, 1st price for best film  

 2020 Publication Sky floors in Elle decoration magazine

2020 Short documentary about Sky floors made by Ideavisible. 


2019 Dutch design week Eindhoven, Sky floor for the Elle decoration stand

2019 Sky floor, private dance floor 

2019 commercial Woonfonds , Art direction

2019 Design Birth card Hazel 

2019 Madina- sterk music video, Art direction

2019 Fabiola- stripper boy, 3 sets, Art direction

2019 Festival decor & golden Mermaid performance, Mandala Festival

2019 Madina- Bazen music video, Art direction 

2019 Theatre play: Een verhaal van vrijheid, Scenography & costumes

2019 Sky floors , design floor company launch en promotion

2018 Event styling and styling DJ Nicky Elizabeth Opal party at the marktkantine

2018 Stage design TEDxMaastricht and premiere of my short film, Blame it on a wild heart.

2018 Nominated for Best Art Director by Tilburgs film festival, Hiernogmaals 

2018 Music video's , Art direction, F1rstman x Pyramids , Vamonos and aziz wrijving , saus

Nura ft Remoe ( Sony records Germany), Mert ft Dopebwoy. director: Majstro Video. 

2018 Event styling and Mermaid performance, Gardens of Babylon festival with The Adventures of the Valparaiso crew.

2018 Production design Dutch short film, Hou vast by It happened on a Tuesday film 

2018 Art direction and styling, Beyond film, online KPN reclame. 

2018 Branding Vila Boerenbont 

2017  Tork commercial, production design and styling 

2017  Video and press photo's for Tom Maas ( Demaas) 

2017  Blame it on a wild heart, short film 

2017  GLO ART Commissioned work and residence 

2017 Interior Design heavenly floors several projects. 

2017 Production design short film Hiernogmaals with Dirty paws media 

2016  Decor design, Shoeless and Mysteryland. 

2016  GLO ART artist in Residence. 

2014  Co- owner/Stylist Concept Store Nieuwe Tijden, Breda


2011-2014  Totally lost in the big scary world of grey offices 


2011 Expo with Zeep en suikerfabriek de eenhoorn. Belly button orgasms and other horses. Boekel en Rotterdam 


2011 Graduated Fine Art St.Joost 

2008 Graduated Fashion and design KW1C


2007 Internship Gregorie Bolder, Hiernamaals, customizing Vintage