Art Direction and Styling

From chaos we rise

Photography: Kris Mangroo 

MUAH: Chloe Steeman 

Model: Brianna Foppen, Agency: Catherina Models

Art direction & Styling: Veerle Nanna 


Thanks to original vintage store


48 hour film festival Eindhoven

klinkt als liefde

- Winner Best Film (Skypeople Pictures Team)
- Winner Best Script (Denniz Hout & Mark Beijer)
- Winner Best Use Of Genre (Skypeople Pictures Team)
- Winner Best Use Of Character (Skypoeple Pictures Team)
- Winner Best Sound Design (Denniz Hout & Mark Beijer)
- Nominated Best Director (Denniz Hout)
- Nominated Best Cinematographer (Mark Beijer)
- Nominated Best Musical Score (SmoodFellaz)

Altough I'm sad

Photography: Charlotte Teerlink

Model: Asiia Miskimova

MUAH: Felicia Kappen 

Art direction and styling: Veerle Nanna 

Madina- Sterk


Madina- bazen

6 settings I made for Madina's video 

A story of freedom

                           Theatre play for Toneelacademie Maastricht. 


Director: Aram Merlijn 

Actresses: Rose Beumer, Magriet Delamboy, Noelle Hendrix, Claudia Hocks, Josephine Hofland, Hetty Linders, Barbara Rovers, Ellen Siebenlist, Mira Verhoeven, Isa Vrehen 

Scenography & costumes: Veerle Nanna

Photography below: Photostique 

Photography, set design, fashion

In the collection of glo art

Tell me more white lies 

Holographic love letters to everyone 

Black and white rapture 

blame it on a wild heart

my first short movie

 Short art film in collaboration with Dirty paws media. In the collection of GLO ART. 

Music video and press photos                        for Tom Maas

photography: Kris Mangroo

Fashion Design: Max Beets

Art Direction and styling: Veerle Nanna 

Photography: Kris Mangroo

Art Direction and styling: Tom Maas & Veerle Nanna 

a cooler dream

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photography: Kris Mangroo

Fashion Design: Max Beets

Art direction and styling: Veerle Nanna 

Hou vast, Short movie by, It happened on a Tuesday

Art direction and styling, short film. 


glo art 2016

whatever forever

free Work

The orange monestary

mermaid heaven and the pastel wonder