Art Direction and Styling

From chaos we rise

Photography: Kris Mangroo 

MUAH: Chloe Steeman 

Model: Brianna Foppen, Agency: Catherina Models

Art direction & Styling: Veerle Nanna 


Thanks to original vintage store


48 hour film festival Eindhoven

klinkt als liefde

- Winner Best Film (Skypeople Pictures Team)
- Winner Best Script (Denniz Hout & Mark Beijer)
- Winner Best Use Of Genre (Skypeople Pictures Team)
- Winner Best Use Of Character (Skypoeple Pictures Team)
- Winner Best Sound Design (Denniz Hout & Mark Beijer)
- Nominated Best Director (Denniz Hout)
- Nominated Best Cinematographer (Mark Beijer)
- Nominated Best Musical Score (SmoodFellaz)

A photo series about love and love pain

Altough I'm sad

Photography: Charlotte Teerlink

Model: Asiia Miskimova

MUAH: Felicia Kappen 

Art direction and styling: Veerle Nanna 

Madina- Sterk

commercial woonfonds

Fabiola Volkers, 3 sets for her music video stripper boy.

Madina- bazen

6 settings I made for Madina's video 

A story of freedom

                           Theatre play for Toneelacademie Maastricht. A tale about Lucifer played by women in a church garden. 


Director: Aram Merlijn 

Actresses: Rose Beumer, Magriet Delamboy, Noelle Hendrix, Claudia Hocks, Josephine Hofland, Hetty Linders, Barbara Rovers, Ellen Siebenlist, Mira Verhoeven, Isa Vrehen 

Scenography & costumes: Veerle Nanna

Photography below: Photostique 

Photography, set design, fashion

In the collection of glo art

Tell me more white lies 

Holographic love letters to everyone 

Black and white rapture 

blame it on a wild heart

my first short movie

 Short art film in collaboration with Dirty paws media. In the collection of GLO ART. 

Music video and press photos                        for Tom Maas

photography: Kris Mangroo

Fashion Design: Max Beets

Art Direction and styling: Veerle Nanna 

Photography: Kris Mangroo

Art Direction and styling: Tom Maas & Veerle Nanna 

a cooler dream

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photography: Kris Mangroo

Fashion Design: Max Beets

Art direction and styling: Veerle Nanna 

Hou vast, Short movie by, It happened on a Tuesday

Art direction and styling for this short film. 

F1rstman x Puramids- Vamanos by majstro Video


Remoe ft. Nura- Nackt & SOS by majstro video

       Art direction 

glo art 2016

whatever forever

free Work

The orange monestary

mermaid heaven and the pastel wonder


Nominated for Best Art Direction by Tilburgs Film Festival