Event Styling

Mandala festival Tipi interior

Marktkantine Opal , event styling and styling Dj Nicky Elizabeth. Intergalactic holographic space decor.

Stage design for TEDxMaastricht

Stage design and premiere of my short film blame it on a wild heart. 

Gardens of Babylon 2018 in Goch Germany , Adventures of the Valparaiso crew.

This year we are bringing the wonders of the purple and blue tipi filled with all kind of great concept to some festivals again. We had a  dj, you could Rent a friend. Trade a story for a  treasure and I did a golden mermaid performance. More of this project and the Valparaiso community you can find on  https://adventuresofthevalparaiso.com 

Into the woods 2017

With Adventures of the Valparaiso we created a magical chill and dancing area on the inside of a big Tipi for in to the woods festival. 

Little castles  at Shoeless 2015 Ruigoord

Inside there where wonderlands filled with tiny stories.

Fence design at Shoeless

We made a 600 meter long fabric with handpainted print for the fence around the festival. It was a challenging job because we had less then two weeks to do it. With the help of volunteers and friends we made it happen. 

Concept: the sleeping dog

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          This big animal made out of soft and hairy fabric is the friend you never had and the protector you always wished for.                                                           What can be better then laying on the back of a two meter high and 6 meters long fantasy dog that breathes and keeps you warm? 

Bewust Breda

Spiritual festival interior design. Yoga space , Altar and Chill Area .