Sky floors are floors specially designed for those who dare to stand out. For instance, they can spice up an otherwise bland-looking office, enrich an exclusive architectural space or sparkle up a dull dance floor. From a modest sky with delicate clouds, to a bright and sunlit landscape with rainbows or even a whole galaxy; anything is possible with a Sky floor. The floors are uniquely and custom-designed for each costumer. The creative process encourages the colors to mix instinctively and form unexpected patterns. This is what gives the sky its sense of wonder. Let your floor awaken your fantasy. 

A Sky floor for Elle Decoration at the dutch design week Eindhoven 2019

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Concept store

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Together with Jantiene Den Hamer , Jessica Benschop and Joy Moon we opened a concept store in the centre of Breda.                                                     Vintage, Sample sale, Workshops, Art en Design products, Event and Interior styling .

It was a temporary project but it was a great adventure. I still sometimes miss the store and the creatives that visited us.